Icon Quest

Hello everyone, I'm desperately looking for more funny muppet icons from the Muppets Christmas Carol, so if anyone has some icons they want to plug, please plug away!



Animal icons up for grabs

Back in October a member in the muppets comm (who is no longer on lj) requested some Animal icons.  I had intended to do some screen caps of Animal to make said icons but honestly, Animal moves too much for my impatient brain to cap and be satisfied with it (read I'm an impatient perfectionist.).  So I found a few images through various websites online (after doing a Google image search) and made the following.  Enjoy!  Credit not necessary but nice if you do use, sunkrux 

Animal icons this way!!Collapse )
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Muppet Christmas Carol Icons

01-34: Muppets Christmas Carol + 2 Cookie Monster animations (Christmas Eve on Sesame Street)
35-64: Winter (Animals in the Snow, Frost)
65-86: Christmas/Advent (Various)


The rest here @ my icon journal
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